Silver Bells School
Silver Bells School
One of the Best School in Kota Rajasthan - Play Group To Class X
Methodology //


The school follows the continuous and comprehensive evaluation as per the norms of the CBSE for the all-round development of the child’s personality. It covers all the scholastic areas which involve the all-round development of the pupil. Scholastic aspects include curricular areas or subject specific areas. Whereas, co-scholastic aspects include life skills, co-curricular, attitudes, and values that are equally important for any child.



At Kindergarten, the kids are involved more in work play methodology as this age group learning is more from surroundings and alternative methods. With the help of Smart Classes, kids are taught through pictures, audio visuals and diagrams. Books are taught to make them understand the concepts. Regular but light homework assignments are given kindergarten children so that even at homes the learning process is continued. 


High School

At high school, the focus is on class room teachings as we believe that children of the age group of 8-13 years assimilate thoughts, ideas and concepts from books as well. Other than books, curriculum is combination of experiences, activities and events. This enables the complete teaching methodology and children are able to understand and practice the concepts of science, Mathematics and IT. This enables students to nurture their skills and strengths in a very structured environment.

The high School has various outdoors activities like basketball, swimming pool where children unwind themselves from the four walls of a class and feel rejuvenated to go back to studies. After all, in a healthy body lies a healthy mind.


Annual Functions

At Silver Bells, annual functions are held every year. Kids and Staff of the schools look forward for this event. Other than showcasing the year long achievements of the students and children, various programs like Dances- Classical, Folk and Western, Fancy Dress Competition, Skits and Songs are performed in the front of eminent personalities who grace the occasion.

The Faculty at Silver Bells School is well qualified and we feel pride in saying that average tenure of teachers at the school is more than 3.5 years.


Sports Day

Sports Day of the school is full of fun where the toddlers and staff participate in sporting events. This activity inculcates the spirit of sportsmanship in the child, value for good health early in life and it’s must for the child to attend.



Not denying the fact and not undermining the importance of Hindi that is our national language, however, as a conscious decision, English has been chosen as the primary language of instruction. Children are encouraged to speak in English in school premises and at home with parents, guardians and friends.