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Silver Bells School
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From The Director's Desk

Can there be anything more satisfying than shaping the destiny of children? Certainly not. But, with it comes a lot more responsibility. In all the sincerity, I would like to say that for the last 30 years, Saint Lal’s Group of Education has been shouldering this responsibility along with the parents of children.

Welcome to the world of Silver bells! The school is a part of Saint Lal’s Group of Education. In the last 11 years, Silver Bells has become a name to reckon with in the City. Kota, as you are all aware, is a hub of education and to create a name for itself in this ocean of education could not have been possible without your support and encouragement and with utmost humility, we thank all the parents and guardians. 

The management of the school has been trying to impart best in class education to children that has enabled them to become successful in live. We, at Silver Bells Star believe that education is meaningful only when students develop a spirit of healthy competition, importance of sharing and cooperation and need for abiding by the laws of the Country. 

With this objective, I am happy to assure you that your school has been endeavoring to provide to children a curriculum that is a mix of fun filled and value based education so to prepare them for the leaders of tomorrow. The school is equipped with latest technological developments. We provide smart room coaching and our emphasis is equally on the experiential learning.

Our emphasis is on providing holistic learning to a child; intellectual, physical, social-emotional and spiritual being. While at the same time, integrity, honesty and attitude to live in harmony is valued and reinforced.

I thank you for Choosing Silver Bells Stars as your kids’ education partner cum friend.  Assuring best services and environment for kids,

   Gaurav Sood