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Silver Bells School
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Why Should You Choose Silver Bells?

Education is one of the best levers to make this world a better place to live in and nothing can be more satisfying and challenging than being a part of this ecosystem. Famous entrepreneur and CEO of Apple Inc Steve Jobs once said, “The best thing that could happen to me was that my parents had put me in a school.” From Thomas Elva Edison to Albert Einstein and from Mark Juckerberg to Bill Gates, all of them had credited education for their success.

 The role of the education is not only to make children remember a few formulas, theorems, poems etc but it’s a tool to make someone a better human being that can transform the surroundings, society,  Country. In short, education not makes intelligent, it enthuses wisdom in the minds of children so that when they grow they can make this world full of compassion and of course, a better planet for the coming generations.


Silver Bells school, a part of Saint Lal’s Education Group has been fortunate enough to be a part of the ecosystem of education for more than 30 years.  Saint Lal’s school was started in 1989 by Smt. Usha Sood, wife of ex CRPF Commandant Mr. Ranjeet Singh Sood and now it has blossomed into a chain of 3 schools- Saint Lal’s primary school, Silver Bells Kindergarten and Silver Bells Middle School. 

Honest approach, well designed curriculum, modern amenities coupled with the hard work of our teachers and staff, it has become one of the best established schools in Kota- The education city of Rajasthan. Come, experience the world of playful learning for your kid. Welcome to the world of Silver Bells School.


Silver Bells School was started
with the purpose that education should be available to each child uninterrupted.
It should be able to expand boundaries of
achievement, character and inculcate values in each human being.


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