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Silver Bells School
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At Silver Bells, we are endeavoring to impart an all-round teachings; academic, moral, intellectual, social and physical in children so as to enable them to perform a noble role in their lives. We sincerely believe that each child is different from other and has individual needs and aspirations to forge ahead in life.

We venerate that if we are able to ensconce the ability and zeal of learning in children, than not only we will make them successful in life, but also a better human beings who will respect the laws of land, society and the Country. We firmly believe that each child should be induced from the very beginning in the equality of all sentient life forms.

In these fast changing times, on the one hand children should be taught to venerate traditions, on the other hand, they should also be equipped with latest modern techniques. After all, these are the kids of new millennia who are at the cusp of traditions and technological advancements. Therefore, at Silver Bells, it’s our endeavor to provide the latest infrastructure, trained faculty and staff and above all, an environment conducive to each child so that she/he feels like a free bird to reach out to her/his destiny.

Our faculty is our strength. We take pride in saying that they are not only well qualified, they are also committed to sift each child’s personality and hone their full potential with enthusiasm and compassion.  The teachers, staff & the management of the school works hard to continue the legacy of success established by Silver Bells by building strong relationships with parents, students and community partners.  We focus on character education initiatives, Common Core skills, the use of data to drive instruction, and to provide consistent implementation of the curriculum in a rigorous manner so that we can continue to increase all of the students’ achievement. The best testimonials for any academic institutions are the parents. For the last 30 years, parents have been reposing faith in our school by enrolling their kids and recommending Silver Bells to others also.

To sum it up, this year is going to be as exciting as ever. I look forward for the active participation of all the stakeholders- Staff, Parents and above all our Kids. Happy Schooling!

Sonia Sood